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An Urgent Call To Prayer

  • By: Hood, Allen
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For over a decade many well-respected spiritual leaders such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Bill Bright, and David Wilkerson have been calling America to repentance and warning us of the dire state of our nation due to the pervasive rejection of Jesus as Lord. The question is, have we heeded their warnings? In this timely message, Allen Hood recalls some of these urgent warnings and exhorts us to take them seriously.

Many indicators today point to the urgency of the hour, and grave consequences await us as a nation if these signs are ignored. We must wake up to the crisis at hand. America’s moral standards are coming apart at the seams as idolatry runs rampant and God and His ways are disregarded. 

Allen lays out a biblical solution for national crisis and describes several common hindrances to discerning an hour of crisis correctly.  This message is an alarm to believers and an urgent call to prayer for our nation to seek God’s mercy at this critical juncture.

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