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Reckless Love

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Cory Asbury's new CD, Reckless Love, available now!

Worship leader and songwriter Cory Asbury has crafted a powerful new album that marks his first release as a Bethel Music artist and his second full-length release to date. For Cory, the album is an organic, soulful journey into the heart of the Father, and certainly his most personal and honest yet. A collection of 10 songs, “Reckless Love” is a whole-hearted telling of an essential story in Scripture: a Father’s desire for connection with the ones he made, knows, and relentlessly loves.

1. Only Takes A Moment
2. You Won't Let Go
3. Endless
4. Reckless Love
5. Death Where Is Your Sting
6. Garments
7. Your Love Is Strong
8. Born Again
9. Water and Dust
10. Endless Alleluia

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