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As in the Days of Noah

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An Original Musical "An Ancient Story, A Divine Promise, A Life Surrendered" This skillful musical retelling of the biblical story of Noah brings to life the passions and the tensions experienced in his generation. A score of nineteen powerful original songs invites you to consider what it took for Noah to trust in the voice of an unseen God in the midst of the coming storm and what it takes for us to do the same today. This story follows the lives of four individuals from Noah's day, each seeking to build a place of comfort and safety through different means. Hadad, the wicked ruler of the city, is focused on building his empire while the young counselor is driven by desire to secure personal fortune and a name for himself. Sarah, a pub waitress, hopes to turn her tragic life around and find love while the master builder Noah yearns to respond rightly to God's call to build a place of safety that will withstand the coming judgment. As the waters begin to rise, who will make it on the boat? Tracks: 1. Intro 2. Dreams 3. God Stay Close 4. Together We Must Stand 5. Times Are Changing 6. Opportunity 7. The Plans 8. Is This Wisdom? 9. Day of Escape 10. A Life Worth Living 11. I Will Build 12. The Song of Fools 13. Tired of Waiting 14. Time is Short 15. The Cost of Love 16. Tell Me Where You Stand 17. If We Die 18. The First Rain 19. A New Beginning

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