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  • By: Lynn, Audra
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Audra Lynn expresses the joy of Calvary in her second album, entitled Vow. She declares Christ's devotion and determination to conquer sin and death, all for love. With soulful vocals, Audra sings her creed to embrace Jesus' path by taking up her cross to follow Him. Profound truth flows from Vow and will open up your heart to encounter the power of the Gospel, which satisfies the soul and brings joy in the morning. The mature message on Vow is fused with expressive music that mixes gospel, folk and rock to create an experimental sound. Singing since childhood, Audra has developed her vocals through the years and even sang with a gospel choir.

The music on Vow is full of electric guitars and strong rock influences, combined with the rich, full sound of the classical cello and bass. Audra's deep lyrics concerning the believerís journey of exploring the mystery of the cross will call you to know Jesus more and worship the beauty of His sacrifice. Intimacy flows throughout Vow as Audra expresses her desire to hold nothing back and to give her life away to God. After seeking the Lord for her new album's direction, Audra knew Vow was to be a prophetic oracle to the Body of Christ.

The songs came out of the overflow of revelation as she meditated on the cross. As she began to discover the Holy Spirit's perspective on Calvary, her heart was moved to express this truth through her music. Audra has even included an exhortation track explaining the word of the Lord she has attempted to capture through songs. In it, she declares Christ's desire to make His vow of love to us by dying on the cross, and His longing that we would joyously return that vow by taking up our cross to follow Him.

"Door Keeper" is a cry of devotion, an upbeat and passionate song in which Audra sings of her desire to gaze upon the Lord all the days of her life. The title track "Vow" has a special place in Audra's heart; as the song slowly builds into a crescendo of worship, she sings of the deep relationship between the Bride and Christ. Vow will take you into the mysteries of the cross and strengthen you with a longing to surrender your life through worship that can even carry you through the darkest night.

Track List:

1. Garden Locked

2. Prologue - At Last

3. Door Keeper - One Thing

4. Door Keeper - Every Moment

5. Little Light

6. Tastes So Sweet

7. Cross

8. Without Love - What Does It Profit Me?

9. Without Love - A Struggle in Decision

10. Without Love

11. In Your Wind - Saving Ground

12. In Your Wind - Take My Life

13. Adorned

14. Psalm of Abraham

15. Vow (Procession)

16. Vow (Altar)

17. Wellspring

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