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Filled with deep devotion and worship, Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury reflect the pure sounds of heaven in their debut album, Holy, where mellow rock music and memorable lyrics are coupled with powerful melodic arrangements.

From the contagious joy of Cory's songs to the powerful vocals pouring out of Matt, this album will quickly become an entry into realms unseen. The spontaneity and life in Matt and Cory's music open a door to experiencing the freedom that can be found in worshiping God.

Track List:

1. Stay Close

2. When I Consider

3. You Are My Hope

4. Made For You

5. Where I Belong

6. You Made A Way

7. Holy

8. Be Exalted

9. Psalm 100

10. So Good To Me

11. The Fragrance of Your Name

12. Closer

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