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  • By: Kirkman, Marshall
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"Often my journal entries end up turning into songs; which can be both good and scary. In my own personal experience it seems the hardest seasons produce the greatest songs. So, needless to say this album has caused me to be open and vulnerable with my audience in a whole new way." The songs on this EP were written in a season of wrestling through tough days, soul searching, and adventure into knowing the heart of Jesus. The ideas within the project speak of hope, identity, love. It’s hard to put words to how much he values each song on this album but the heartbeat of Anchored is that in trails and against his foes, through it all, Christ remained an anchor that held Marshall in place.

Track List:

1. Anchored

2. Why Do You Run

3. 29

4. Captain

5. Without You

6. Broken Bones

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