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  • By: Engle, Lou
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  • SKU: 9780983283812


No other message that I have preached has been more endorsed prophetically than the call of the Nazirite. I believe that a return to Nazirite consecration is the only hope for America to return to God. And it will be the ground preparation, even the forerunner, for the greatest spiritual awakening that she has ever seen. -Lou Engle


Our Contact on this is Kendra Blalock at

The deal we received last, Oct/2019 was: Nazirite DNA books for $3.40 a piece. Would that work for you? 

We also have lots of Dean Brigg's book, "Ekklesia Rising" and will sell them for $2 a piece for any amount you buy. 
And the same goes for his book "Consumed" at a $1.50. 

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