Book of Revelation Small Group Study Bundle

The best way to study the Book of Revelation is with other believers. We've put this bundle together to make it easier.

This bundle comes with:

  1. Studies in the Book of Revelation - Notes PDF download
  2. Studies in the Book of Revelation on DVD
  3. Ten copies of Book of Revelation Study Guide

1. Studies in the Book of Revelation DVD Series (normally $24.99)

Mike Bickle's 2014 series on the Book of Revelation.  

12 Parts:

  1. Introduction and Overview of the Book of Revelation
  2. The Varying Importance of End-Time Beliefs
  3. The Theme of the Book of Revelation (Rev. 1)
  4. The Seven Churches: Called to Overcome (Rev. 2-3)
  5. The Father's Throne and Jesus' Exaltation (Rev. 4-5)
  6. Seals of Judgment and God's Protection (Rev. 6-7)
  7. The Trumpet Judgments (Rev. 8-9)
  8. Prophetic Ministry in the End Times (Rev. 10-11)
  9. The Second Coming and Rapture: War in the Spirit (Rev. 11-14)
  10. Seven Bowls of Wrath (Rev. 15-16)
  11. The Fall of Babylon (Rev. 17-18)
  12. Victory and the Restoration of All Things (Rev. 19-22)

2. Studies in the Book of Revelation - Notes PDF download (normally $2.99)

You will get a PDF download of the notes that go with the series, which you can print off and hand out for use with your group study.


3. Book of Revelation Study Guide (10 paperback copies) (normally $13.99 each)

A simple but inspiring, verse-by-verse guide to the book of Revelation, with a glossary of terms and symbols, and in-depth articles and charts. Mike Bickle's straightforward approach brings the message to life and emphasizes its relevance for us today. Gain understanding on some of Mike's most compelling insights into the book of Revelation:

  • As an "end-time book of Acts," it reveals God's glorious plan to use a lovesick Bride at the end of the age in unprecedented power and authority. She will partner with Jesus as He cleanses our planet of evil and ushers in the kingdom of God.
  • It's an "infallible prayer manual" that maps out the global, strategic prayers of the praying church. We'll be equipped to pray in unity with Jesus' heart as He unleashes His judgments upon the Antichrist's evil empire.
  • While many saints are waiting to "go up" in the rapture to avoid the tribulation, God is waiting for the church to "grow up" to release the tribulation judgments by prayer on the Antichrist. This is truly the church's greatest hour.