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The Life of Christ Bundle

This is a robust bundle, containing over 40 teachings on the life and excellencies of Jesus Christ by Mike Bickle and Allen Hood.  This bundle includes:

  1. Studies in the Life of Christ - Mike Bickle
  2. The Excellencies of Christ - Allen Hood

1. Studies in the Life of Christ

This series focuses on the person of Jesus and His message, covering the events in Jesus’ life in a chronological way by harmonizing the accounts of the four Gospels. We look at the mystery of who Jesus is (Christology), what His message is, and how we are to love, relate to, and partner with Him.


01 - Why Four Gospels- Their Unique Purpose and Message

02 - Overview of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ

03 - Jesus' Pre-existence and Genealogy (Jn. 1; Mt. 1; Lk. 3)

04 - Jesus and John the Baptist; Birth to Manhood (Lk. 1-2; Mt. 1-2)

05 - John's Ministry and Jesus' Temptation (Lk. 3-4)

06 - John's Loyalty and Jesus' Early Ministry (Jn. 1.19-4.42)

07 - Jesus' Early Ministry in Jerusalem and Samaria (Jn. 3-4)

08 - Jesus' Ministry in Galilee (Mk. 1-2; Lk. 4-5)

09 - Jesus' Ministry (Jn 5; Mt. 12; Mk. 3; Lk. 6)

10 - The Twelve and the Sermon on the Mount (Lk. 6; Mt. 5-7)

11 - Jesus' Compassion; Trusting His Leadership (Lk. 7)

12 - Seven Parables of the Kingdom (Mt. 13)

13 - Jesus' Power Over Nature, Demons, and Death (Mk. 3-5)

14 - The Commissioning of the Twelve Apostles (Mt. 10)

15 - Feeding the 5,000 and Walking on the Water (Mk. 6)

16 - The Apostle John; His Threefold Spiritual Identity

17 - Defining True Discipleship (Mk. 7-9; Mt. 15-17)

18 - Jesus' Public Confession of His Deity (Jn. 7-10)

19 - The Cross and Gaining Eternal Riches (Mt. 16;16-27)

20 - The Lifestyle of a Disciple of Jesus (Lk. 10-11)

21 - Discipleship and Leadership Lessons (Lk. 11-12)

22 - Disciples Called to Live in the Light of Eternity (Lk. 12-13)

23 - The Cost and Rewards of Discipleship (Lk. 13-16)

24 - Necessary Attitudes and Actions of a Disciple (Lk. 17-19)

25 - The Final Week; Jesus' Arrest, Trial, and Death (Lk. 22-23)

26 - Jesus' Resurrection and Ten Appearances

    2. The Excellencies of Christ (DVD Series)

    The Father's strategy to mature the Church into fullness before the second coming of Jesus and to sustain her at the end of the age is to unfold the beauty of His Son in an unprecedented way. Students delve into the great mystery of the God-man: the wonder of Christ.

    The DVD set also includes a CD with notes and a disc containing MP3 copies of every teaching.