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The Excellencies of Christ Small Group Study Bundle

Considered to be one of the best IHOPU courses, The Excellencies of Christ Course is a great tool to use for Small Group Study. 

This bundle contains:

  1. The Excellencies of Christ (DVD Series)
    • Includes 23 Sessions on DVD
    • Includes MP3 files for all 23 Sessions on a single DVD
    • Includes CD with printable courses notes for all sessions
  2. Ten copies of 'The Excellencies of Christ Course Notes'


1. The Excellencies of Christ DVD Series (normally $148)

The Father's strategy to mature the Church into fullness before the second coming of Jesus and to sustain her at the end of the age is to unfold the beauty of His Son in an unprecedented way. Students delve into the great mystery of the God-man: the wonder of Christ.

DVD set also includes CD with digital notes and a dvd disc containing MP3 copies of every teaching. This allows for notes to be printed and MP3 copies to be distributed to your small group or class for continual review.


2. The Excellencies of Christ Notes - 10 copies (Normally $22.00 each)

The Excellencies of Christ is the course book for Allen Hood’s IHOPU course by the same name. This resource was compiled to aid anyone who desires to know the Son of God more deeply. The twenty-one sessions focus on topics such as the preexistence of Jesus, the many facets of divine love displayed at the cross, and the second coming. This course book delves into the great mystery of the God-man. Come ponder the One who causes elders to bow, demons to tremble, angels to sing, and humans to cry, “My Lord and my God!”