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Inheritance Bundle

Inheritance Bundle

This bundle contains:

  1. Inheritance (CD)
  2. Inheritance: Clinging to God's Promises in the Midst of Tragedy (book)

1. Inheritance CD (Normally $10.00)

Inheritance is the culmination of a five-year journey after the passing of our son, Josiah “Nash” Russell. (I’ve simultaneously released a book with the same title that lays out the full story). These last five years have been the hardest season of our life, yet in the midst of it all, we have chosen to keep our eyes on God, trusting His leadership through it all. In Psalm 27:4, David declared that He had made God his “one thing” so that in the times of trouble, God would hide him and set him high upon a rock—lift him above His enemies so that He could see another day and sing a new season into existence. 

Three of the tracks are focused on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has used these last years to teach me about ascending above my circumstances and connecting to the One on the throne. This has broken the power of despair and hopelessness time and time again, and it’s my desire that you would also be empowered to ascend above your storms to see Him and declare your destiny. 

I also have a track of prayer for purity and a prayer for spiritual hunger. These two gifts have kept me in the midst of all the years. In this CD, I also share a thirty-minute encounter out of Psalm 23 that I had in January, 2016. I’ve never been more vulnerable on anything in my whole life like I’ve been with this track and pray that God uses it to heal and strengthen you in your journey. 


2. Inheritance: Clinging to God's Promises in the Midst of Tragedy (Normally $14.99)

After the sudden death of their only son, Corey Russell and his family faced unbearable pain and loneliness. God carried them through the ensuing five years with promises from five specific psalms, comforting and awakening them. 

We are all shaken by loss. God promised us His presence when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but questions remain. Can I recover? Will my family survive? And is there an eternal purpose? As Corey clung to the Psalms, he heard God's voice invite him from tragedy to inheritance, promising, "The greatest places of your warfare will become the greatest places of your inheritance." 

Corey's honest journey through these five psalms will help readers discover how the Good Shepherd heals His people, makes us into shepherds after His own heart, and calls us to believe in a God who turns the worst circumstances into a profound and eternal inheritance.

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