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IHOPKC Music Bundle

IHOPKC Music Bundle

Save on this massive 15-album music bundle, containing: 

  1. Let Me See Your Eyes by Cory Asbury
  2. Stand in Awe by Jon Thurlow
  3. Holy by Matt Gilman & Cory Asbury
  4. Vow by Audra Lynn
  5. The World Can Wait by Merchant Band
  6. Merchant Band by Merchant Band
  7. Who Do You Say I Am? by Pao Neos
  8. The Wheat and the Tares by Pas Neos
  9. The Sound of War by Luke Wood
  10. Forgive and Forget by Streetchoir
  11. Fully Alive by Various IHOPKC Artists
  12. Psalms: Songs of David by Various IHOPKC Artists
  13. OneThing '09 Live: Where I Belong by Various IHOPKC Artists
  14. Majestic by Various IHOPKC Artists
  15. Simple Devotion by Various IHOPKC Artists

Bundle & save! Get all 15 CDs for only $42.98! Normally $214.89 when bought separately. That's 80% off - better than clearance pricing!

1. Let Me See Your Eyes by Cory Asbury (normally $15.00)

Cory Asbury's first solo album Let Me See Your Eyes is a collection of indie-pop songs reflecting Cory's passion to see Jesus more clearly and to feel His presence. Cory's honest lyrics express his heart's cry to know the beauty of Christ. He sings with an ease that invites you to sing along and enjoy the nearness of the Holy Spirit.

The variety of genres on Let Me See Your Eyes makes it unique for a worship album. The heartbeat of the album is a pledge of commitment and devotion to Jesus, poured out through imaginative melodies and instrumental interludes. Many musical styles are expressed in Let Me See Your Eyes, from soul to rap to electro beats. This music is fueled by an unquenchable desire to behold God and be changed into His likeness. The album's driving rhythms and punctuated vocals create an atmosphere for radical worship, as Cory sings about God's splendor and excellence. Let Me See Your Eyes encourages you to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.


  1. Hallelujah (Intro)
  2. Jesus, Let Me See Your Eyes
  3. Psalm 18
  4. Let Me See Your Face
  5. Counted the Cost
  6. My Beloved
  7. Faithful to the End
  8. Selah
  9. Everything You Do
  10. Beautiful Savior
  11. Mercy
  12. Always Faithful
  13. Always Faithful (Spontaneous)
  14. Where I Belong
  15. Hallelujah

2. Stand in Awe by Jon Thurlow (normally $15.00)

Stand In Awe marks the first chapter of his Jon Thurlow's relationship with Forerunner Music. The album, recorded live at Forerunner Christian Fellowship on the International House of Prayer missions base, offers songs that have been sung by thousands, both in the packed-out prayer room and in the massive Onething conference hall over the past six years. Now, for the first time, these songs have been recorded, featuring a live audience whose participation helps to capture the spirit of worship from which this music emerged. Jon's infectious, joyful passion provides the heartbeat to this inspiring collection of songs.


  1. Who Is Like You?
  2. Have the Glory
  3. Fully in Love
  4. Take Your Place
  5. Before Your Eyes
  6. Simple Conversation
  7. I Love Your Ministry
  8. Love Remains
  9. Fairer Than the Sons of Men
  10. Stand in Awe
  11. Things Are Not Okay

3. Holy by Matt Gilman & Cory Asbury (normally $15.00)

Filled with deep devotion and worship, Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury reflect the pure sounds of heaven in their debut album, Holy, where mellow rock music and memorable lyrics are coupled with powerful melodic arrangements.

From the contagious joy of Cory's songs to the powerful vocals pouring out of Matt, this CD will quickly become an entry into realms unseen. The spontaneity and life in Matt and Cory's music open a door to experiencing the freedom that can be found in worshiping God.

Be sure to check out title track 7, "Holy" - it is simply astounding!


  1. Stay Close
  2. When I Consider
  3. You Are My Hope
  4. Made For You
  5. Where I Belong
  6. You Made A Way
  7. Holy
  8. Be Exalted
  9. Psalm 100
  10. So Good To Me
  11. The Fragrance of Your Name
  12. Closer 

4. Vow by Audra Lynn (normally $14.98)

Audra Lynn expresses the joy of Calvary in her second album, entitled Vow. She declares Christ's devotion and determination to conquer sin and death, all for love. With soulful vocals, Audra sings her creed to embrace Jesus' path by taking up her cross to follow Him. Profound truth flows from Vow and will open up your heart to encounter the power of the Gospel, which satisfies the soul and brings joy in the morning. The mature message on Vow is fused with expressive music that mixes gospel, folk and rock to create an experimental sound. Singing since childhood, Audra has developed her vocals through the years and even sang with a gospel choir.

The music on Vow is full of electric guitars and strong rock influences, combined with the rich, full sound of the classical cello and bass. Audra's deep lyrics concerning the believer's journey of exploring the mystery of the cross will call you to know Jesus more and worship Him for the beauty of His sacrifice. Intimacy flows throughout Vow as Audra expresses her desire to hold nothing back and to give her life away to God. After seeking the Lord for her new album's direction, Audra knew Vow was to be a prophetic oracle to the Body of Christ.

The songs came out of the overflow of revelation as she meditated on the cross. As she began to discover the Holy Spirit's perspective on Calvary, her heart was moved to express this truth through her music. Audra has even included an exhortation track explaining the word of the Lord she has attempted to capture through songs. In it, she declares Christ's desire to make His vow of love to us by dying on the cross, and His longing that we would joyously return that vow by taking up our cross to follow Him.

"Door Keeper" is a cry of devotion, an upbeat and passionate song in which Audra sings of her desire to gaze upon the Lord all the days of her life. The title track "Vow" has a special place in Audra's heart; as the song slowly builds into a crescendo of worship, she sings of the deep relationship between the Bride and Christ. Vow will take you into the mysteries of the cross and strengthen you with a longing to surrender your life through worship that can even carry you through the darkest night.


  1. Garden Locked
  2. Prologue - At Last
  3. Door Keeper - One Thing
  4. Door Keeper - Every Moment
  5. Little Light
  6. Tastes So Sweet
  7. Cross
  8. Without Love - What Does It Profit Me?
  9. Without Love - A Struggle in Decision
  10. Without Love
  11. In Your Wind - Sowing Ground
  12. In Your Wind - Take My Life
  13. Adorned
  14. Psalm of Abraham
  15. Vow (Procession)
  16. Vow (Altar)
  17. Wellspring

5. The World Can Wait by Merchant Band (normally $15.00)

IHOPKC worship leaders Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr wrote these songs from the place of prayer to inspire us to seek and enter into an intimate knowledge of the merciful heart of God. Their extravagant love for God and contagious desire to live abandoned to Jesus shine through each of the songs, which include "Sacrifice of Praise," "Wonderful Savior," and "Come As Close."


  1. Come and Let Your Presence
  2. You Love Me Forever
  3. Thank You
  4. I'm In Love
  5. Wonderful Savior
  6. Sacrifice of Praise
  7. You Are So Good
  8. Come As Close As You Want
  9. You Are So Good 
  10. More Than a Dream 
  11. I Found Your Love
  12. Wake Me Up 

6. Merchant Band by Merchant Band (normally $10.00)

Merchant Band's self-titled debut album has woven a modern rock sound with the IHOPKC messages of intimacy and urgency. Packed with original material that is both fresh and powerful, those who have asked for "that wedding song," will be pleased to hear that Merchant Band, led by IHOPKC worship leaders Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr, have recorded the beautiful "I Can't Wait," as well as other favorites, including "Salvation Belongs" and "All I Want."


  1. Come Fill Our Hearts
  2. Psalm 86
  3. I Can't Wait
  4. Salvation Belongs to You
  5. Salvation (Spontaneous)
  6. Made For Love
  7. Just Beyond the Veil
  8. Into Me
  9. Fearfully Wonderful
  10. Fearfully Wonderful (Spontaneous)
  11. Burn In Me
  12. All I Want
  13. All I Want (Spontaneous)

7. Who Do You Say I Am? by Pao Neos (normally $14.98)

Pas Neos’ sophomore release, Who Do You Say I Am?, is a journey through successive events in the life of Jesus as detailed in the gospel accounts, undergirded by pulsing, synth-tinged indie rock. Recounted from a range of perspectives, including those of Jesus, the disciples, and the thief on the cross, the album insightfully conveys differing opinions concerning the Son of Man.

The themes of hope and joy energetically run throughout, mixed with mourning, wonder, curiosity, and longing. Each song builds a vivid scene that is potent in its ability to stir the listener’s thoughts and emotions, often inspiring new insight on familiar Biblical passages.

This album is a refreshing reminder to believers of the weightiness in Peter’s reply to Jesus’ question when he stated, “You are the Christ.” It will surely leave seekers more determined than ever to discover the truth of this answer for themselves.


  1. Follow Me
  2. Chains Come Off
  3. Who Do You Say I Am?
  4. Pharisees (No Sign Will Be Given)
  5. The Joy Set Before Me
  6. The Hour Has Come
  7. Myrrh (Last Prayer)
  8. Thief on a Cross
  9. The Accuser Comes to Judas
  10. Rumors of a Resurrection
  11. The Ascension 

8. The Wheat and the Tares by Pas Neos (normally $15.00)

Indie electronic duo, Pas Neos, offers a fresh musical take on a wide range of Biblical passages in their debut album, The Wheat and the Tares. Keyboardist Caleb Culver and guitarist/vocalist Bob Powers, with years of experience on worship teams at the International House of Prayer, creatively interweave Scripture with pulsing, engaging melodies, taking the listener on a reflective journey which is both poignant and bracing.

Their preservation of the integrity of rich Biblical passages is served by skill and stirring melody, as synthesizers, strings, and, at times, a chilling vocal performance, bring to life Jonah's marching orders, Joseph's dream, the nativity, the resurrection of the saints, and other significant moments in the Biblical narrative. The progressively creative sound of this duo seems to extend musical bounds just a little more with each new track. The Wheat and the Tares is a compelling and thought-provoking experience of truth.


  1. Sackcloth and Ashes
  2. City of the Great King
  3. What I Saw
  4. Nor Do I Condemn You
  5. The Day That Our Lord Came Down
  6. Tread Light, Tread Slow
  7. Take It All Back
  8. On Their Faces
  9. Awake O Dust
  10. Eyes of the Lord
  11. Prodigal 

9. The Sound of War by Luke Wood (normally $14.98)

Woven together through artistic melodies and raw lyrics, Luke Wood's album The Sound of War is infused with the deep message of Jesus' second coming. Through songs of praise and worship, Luke proclaims the King Christ Jesus, who will return to destroy wickedness and restore righteousness on the earth.

The indie rock sound transcends traditional worship music and leads the listener into a journey of discovering creative love that has no end. Folk undercurrents run through The Sound of War's music and vocals. The acoustic piano has a timeless feel and is played hand in hand with powerful electric guitars that give the album a passionate edge. Luke's intimate lyrics express his deep longing for God and his desire to know Jesus. Capturing the theme of Christ's return, Luke sings the Word of God by describing the warring King Jesus who will ride victoriously through the earth. His music encourages the Bride of Christ to partner with the Spirit of God and cry, "Come!"

Prophetic stories are painted throughout the album, combined with honest anthems about receiving the love of Jesus. "Ezekiel 1" a fierce song with driving music and roaring electric guitars, describes the vision the prophet Ezekiel saw of the glory and majesty of the King on His throne. In "upside Down" Luke's poetic lyrics cry out for God to align our hearts with His will. A more personal song, "Real Love" is an intimate ballad asking Jesus to fill us with true and deep love. "At the Name of Jesus" is an unplugged song that draws worship out of listeners' hearts with Luke's powerful vocals and acoustic guitar. The Sound of War is an album that will give listeners a taste of the divine nature of the coming King.


  1. Day of the Lord
  2. Be Exalted
  3. Ezekiel 1
  4. King and Priest
  5. Shelter
  6. Upside Down
  7. Real Love
  8. Hosea
  9. Lamb Upon the Throne
  10. Jesus, My Lord
  11. Faithful Affliction
  12. Let Us Run
  13. At the Name of Jesus

10. Forgive and Forget by Streetchoir (normally $10)


  1. I Want You to Know
  2. Walk Upon the Water
  3. Forgive and Forget
  4. Rugged Cross
  5. Heaven In My Heart
  6. Like a Tree
  7. Higher Than the Stars
  8. Colors of Your Majesty
  9. More Than Anything
  10. You Are the One
  11. All Praise to You

11. Fully Alive by Various IHOPKC Artists (normally $14.99)

A collaborative effort of a night-and-day worship community, Fully Alive provides a colorful new glimpse into what God has been doing at the International House of Prayer, Kansas City. In this creative venture, every song was written and recorded in an atmosphere of prayer. This project is an expression of hearts coming together to magnify Jesus. Worship leaders, musicians, and singers from IHOPKC gathered during the summer/fall of 2017 to create this Forerunner Music worship experience.


  1. Awake My Soul (Sammie Lee) [feat. Odeta]
  2. Fingerprints (Abi Bennett)
  3. Heart’s Celebration (Laura Hackett Park)
  4. Loved By You (Spontaneous) (Laura Hackett Park)
  5. Fill Us With Glory (Jaye Thomas)
  6. Drawing Close (Brandon Oaks)
  7. Grateful Love (Jonas Park) [feat. Laura Hackett Park]
  8. Forevermore (David Forlu) [feat. Odeta] 
  9. Torches (Lauren Alexandria)
  10. All I Need (Olivia Buckles)
  11. How Awesome Are Your Works (Laura Hackett Park) [feat. Jon Thurlow]
  12. Jesus My Brother (Chris Tofilon)
  13. Come Now Joy (Justin Rizzo)
  14. Freedom Song (Lauren Alexandria) [feat. Laura Hackett Park, David Forlu]
  15. I Have Decided (Jaye Thomas)

12. Psalms: Songs of David by Various IHOPKC Artists (normally $15.00)

Over its fifteen-year history, Forerunner Music has released more than one hundred and fifty albums of worship, adoration, and devotional music from the ministry of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. The Anthology series was created to take some of the best songs from those recordings and release them thematically. The second album in the Anthology series, Psalms, contains tracks from Dove-nominated artists such as Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Jaye Thomas, and Jon Thurlow along with many others from the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Themed along the lines of Davidic psalms, this album will inspire you to worship with the same words that inspired King David.

Anthology Vol. 2: A Forerunner Music Compilation Release date: 1/13/15 


  1. The Entry (Matt Gilman)
  2. You Love Me Forever (Merchant Band)
  3. Majestic (Jon Thurlow)
  4. You Are My Hope (Cory Asbury)
  5. Tree (Justin Rizzo)
  6. When I Am Afraid (Laura Hackett Park)
  7. Door Keeper - One Thing (Audra Lynn)
  8. Psalm 18 (Cory Asbury)
  9. My Soul Longs For You (Misty Edwards)
  10. Be Exalted (Luke Wood)
  11. Higher (Jaye Thomas Feat. The Cry)
  12. Ascribe (Justin Rizzo/Jill Mahan)

13. OneThing '09 Live: Where I Belong by Various IHOPKC Artists (normally $14.99)

Where I Belong (Live) captures the worship and music from OneThing, the International House of Prayer's premier conference for young adults. With over 20,000 gathered in downtown Kansas City in December 2009, this is one of the most dynamic recordings from IHOPKC yet. This CD/DVD set includes many favorite songs from several of our beloved IHOPKC worship leaders, as well as times of spontaneous, prophetic worship. Featuring Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, and many others, Where I Belong (Live) captures the energetic atmosphere and vibrant worship of the conference, and will help you to encounter Jesus through passionate worship. Audra Lynn's "Psalm of Abraham" powerfully weaves melody and progressive sounds with lyrics about clinging to God's promises in the wrestle of faith. With intimate and prayerful language, Cory Asbury's "Where I Belong" reminds us that we were made for God and God alone. From the NightWatch, Davy Flowers uses world sounds in her song "Forevermore," about the beauty of Jesus and finding joy in His presence. The worship music in this compilation will draw you into the presence of God, whilst the DVD allows you to worship along with the teams and experience the event as if you were there.


  1. Lowest Place (Laura Hackett Park)
  2. You Made a Way (Matt Gilman)
  3. I Put On Christ (Laura Hackett Park)
  4. Psalm of Abraham (Audra Lynn)
  5. Where I Belong (Cory Asbury)
  6. My Beloved (Cory Asbury and Jaye Thomas)
  7. People Get Ready (Misty Edwards)
  8. Forevermore (Davy Flowers)
  9. Real Love (Luke Wood)
  10. Grace to Love You (Allyson Prior)
  11. Reason to Dance (Jaye Thomas and Cory Asbury)
  12. Whom the Son Sets Free (Cory Asbury and Laura Hackett Park)
  13. No One Else (Laura Hackett Park and Cory Asbury)

14. Majestic by Various IHOPKC Artists (normally $14.99)

Come and worship the unimaginable greatness of the Lord with Majestic, a compilation album focused on corporate worship that exalts the name of Jesus. Majestic features anointed worship leaders from IHOPKC singing well-crafted songs written by those within the house of prayer. An array of musical genres can be heard on Majestic, from soul to rock. Majestic beckons you into a time of encounter with Jesus as the singers and musicians proclaim the wonders of who He is and the reasons why we love Him. The diversity of songwriters and creativity on the album reflects different facets in the Lord's personality, for He is truly vast in all His majesty. Featured worship leaders include Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow, Jill Marsh, Matt Gilman, and Laura Hackett Park. Every song on Majestic is fashioned into a unique story. Instruments like the tambourine and penny whistle add color and detail to the album. Surrender joyfully to the river of God as you listen to "Lowest Place," an upbeat song written and sung by Laura Hackett Park. Laura's pure vocals and imaginative melodies will call you to embark on your journey in the Spirit through humility and meekness. The title track, "Majestic," by Jon Thurlow, paints the wonders of who God is through inspiring lyrics and a blend of musical variety, with soul, pop, and even a little rap. Justin Rizzo and Jill Marsh beautifully sing a duet on "Ascribe." Written by Cory and Anna Asbury, "Ascribe" is a corporate worship song about giving to the Lord all the love and worship He is due. Whether listening alone or singing with a congregation of people, Majestic invites you to give glory to the awesome One who created all things.


  1. Isn't He Beautiful (Justin Rizzo)
  2. More Beautiful (Jon Thurlow)
  3. 84 (Justin Rizzo)
  4. The Entry (Matt Gilman)
  5. Deliverer (Jill Marsh)
  6. We Sing Praise (Matt Gilman)
  7. Selah (Brandon Hampton)
  8. Lowest Place (Laura Hackett Park)
  9. Sons of Men (Jon Thurlow)
  10. Our Father (Jill Marsh)
  11. Just Want Love (Jon Thurlow)
  12. Ascribe (Justin Rizzo and Jill Marsh)
  13. Majestic (Jon Thurlow)

15. Simple Devotion by Various IHOPKC Artists (normally $15.00)

Simple Devotion: Worship from the IHOPKC NightWatch is a twelve-song, eleven-artist collection of songs from this dedicated group of worshipers. Simple Devotion, mellow and inspiring, represents the heart of nightly worship and intercession. Justin Frederick’s “I Trust You,” Sada Rogers’s “Teach Me,” Emily Bisinger’s “Fascinated,” and Elizabeth Bedford’s “Find a Friend” maintain an atmosphere of devotion that one can easily imagine carrying a group of worshipers though the early morning hours, before Sarah Edwards closes the album with “I Am Loved by God,” a beautiful benediction at the end of the night.


  1. Servant in the Night
  2. Blessed Be Our God
  3. You Uphold
  4. Song of Love
  5. Wounded One
  6. High Priest
  7. It’s My Joy to Love
  8. Trust You
  9. Teach Me
  10. Fascinated
  11. Find a Friend
  12. I Am Loved by God
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